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Thanks for coming to - We not only have the best Personal Trainers in Chicago, we also have the best Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, and Personal Chefs in the Chicagoland area. You'll never believe how delicious healthy food can be.

Nutrition Programs

Your Personal Trainer can provide you with a lot of general advice about nutrition. If you want more detailed information, we suggest you use one of the following services:

  • Three Day Diet Analysis - $50
  • Consult with a Nutritionist - $80
  • Have Our Personal Cook for you! - Varies
Three Day Diet Analysis:

We give you a log into which you write down everything you eat or drink. Then we compute how many total calories you consumed, along with a breakdown of the following categories:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Proteins
  • Cholesterol
  • Sodium
  • Fiber

This can be a very eye-opening experience! If you find yourself saying "I don't eat very much. I don't know why I can't lose weight," then this is for you.

Consult with a Nutrition Specialist:

If you want to focus on specific issues regarding nutrition, make an appointment with one of our nutritionists. We can help you eat healthier and love it. How many time per day should you eat? What are proper portion sizes? What is all the hype about carbs? What is the glycemic index, and how can you distinguish betweem "good" carbs and "bad" carbs? Is it OK to eat at night? What about the Atkins Diet? The South Beach Diet? What's the problem with Weight Watchers and Seattle Sutton (how they can help you lose weight temporarily and have the weight come crashing back - and more!).The answers to these and all of your other questions are only a consultation away!

Use Our Personal Chef Service!

No time to cook? Tired of fast food? Tired of eating out? Want healthy meals that actually tastes good? Try our Personal Chef Service! We do it all. We go shopping for you, bring the food to your home, and cook it for you. We bring all the ingredients, pots,pans and utensils, and prepare your entrees on site. After cleaning the mess we made, we leave only the wonderful aroma and a fridge full of delicious meals behind. We can accommodate any special dietary restrictions, such as allergies, Kosher, diabetes, vegetarian, vegan, etc. Every meal will be as good as what you get in a four star restaurant, but you won't have to get dressed, fight traffic, find/pay for parking, and put up with an inattentive wait staff. You'll be home in your PJ's watching your favorite show.

Chicago Personal Chef

You can eat like this every night and still lose weight!

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