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Asia Thomas was a Personal Trainer who has worked with both the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Falcons. She went to work in the corporate world, and soon was out of shape. Being a former Personal Trainer herself, she knew how to investigate and find the best Fitness Trainers to get her back in shape. She called a lot of the top Personal Trainers in Chicago before chosing She has trained with several of our trainers and likes them all. Here's what Asia has to say:

"Listen up,

When I first started working with Personal Trainers, I was not motivated to do anything on my own. I'd started to have cellulite on my legs and my thighs were starting to rub together when I walked. When we first started working out I wanted to cancel my sessions every day. now, I see a vision of where I want my body to be. We've only been working together for a month and my motivation has increased tremendously (I look forward to my workouts) and I have already begun to drop body fat. I feel great because I am already looking better in my clothes and feeling more energized throughout my day. Thanks,!"

---Asia Thomas

Chicago Personal Training

"I have been working out with FitChicago for the past 3 1/2 months. My experience with them has been very rewarding. The Trainers are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. They have developed a workout program tailored to my goals. The workouts have been very challenging, creative and diverse -- which keeps me motivated. I have all ready noticed great results and will continue to work with FitChicago in the future."

---Jeff Baker, Real Estate Agent

Chicago Personal Fitness Training helped this woman lose weight!

"When I started working out with, I was out of shape and unhealthy. Within three weeks, I went from a size 12/14 to a 10/12. In about six weeks, I could fit into jeans that I hadn't worn in almost two years. I lost about 7 pounds in that time, but I looked like I had lost more, because I was getting leaner with each workout. The workouts were also a lot of fun, never boring, and the right amount of pushing that you need from a trainer. I am much stronger now than I used to be. I would recommend to anyone who wants to maximize one hour of their time and drastically improve their health, weight, posture, muscle tone, etc."

---Syeda Hassebullah

We got Syeda in great shape in time for her wedding. We can help you too!

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"I have worked with my FitChicago Personal Trainer for six weeks now. The convenience of an at home personal trainer is second to none. In just six weeks I have lost a total of 8 inches and have decreased my body fat percentage and BMI, along with weight loss. I have worked with trainers before, but have never felt so encouraged and supported. truly cares about me and my results. They take the time to explain the exercises as well as guide me through them, especially when it seems too tough to finish. Having someone work along side of you certainly makes your goals seem much more realistic and I truly feel with FitChicago's expertise in training, nutrition, and guidance, I WILL reach my goals. THANKS!! :)"

---Malissa Szwiec
Vice President
Consumer and Member Services

Chicago Fitness Training Lose Weight

Tom with 42 inch waist and 19% Body fat

Certified Personal Training Works!

Tom with 34 inch waist and 14% Body fat.

"I am so glad that I made the decision to hire a personal trainer, since it would have been too hard to learn what workout I needed from a video or a TV show. My Personal Trainer taught me several exercises that suited me and that will help me reach my fitness goals. I cannot believe how much better I feel after just a short time."

---Thanks again, Anne